asics running shoes Ten says turnaround will take August 14, 2015

Ten says turnaround will take more time

Ten made an $8 million loss in the six months to February 28, which was a better result than the $243 million loss it announced 12 months earlier, due chiefly to one off costs.

Mr McLennan says the network is working to improve its profitability and performance, despite poor ratings and a difficult advertising market.

“We’ve consistently said the turnaround strategy for Ten Network will take time, we cannot improve the asics running shoes company’s ratings, revenue, earnings and return to shareholders overnight,” he said.

The network experienced its best summer ratings period since 2008, thanks to the T20 Big Bash League and Sochi Winter Olympics, which helped lift half year revenue nearly eight per cent to $331.6 million.

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But the benefits from those events were offset by their cost, as well as the expensive launch of new morning television programs in November.

Ten’s ratings have also slumped since the end of the Winter Olympics, hitting an all time low in March.

“Our general entertainment p asics running shoes rogramming on the main channel, Ten, has underperformed badly since the end of the Winter Olympics,” Mr McLennan said.

“We failed to capitalise on the momentum generated by the Big Bash League and the Sochi Winter Olympics.”

But he is confident the network can rebuild its ratings, and says Ten is looking to boost revenue through new platforms like its TENplay online viewing service, to help offset an uncertain advertising market.

The network is also on the l asics running shoes ookout for new programs to replace some of its older franchises, which are no longer the ratings hits they once were.

“We are looking for fresh programming formats that ca asics running shoes n be reproduced locally at competitive prices,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the network would continue to focus on attracting more “event TV” like the Big Bash and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, for which Ten has secured the rights.

asics running shoes Ten reasons you’ll want to pee August 14, 2015

Ten reasons you’ll want to peek inside Huntsville’s finest houses on the Twickenham tour of h asics running shoes omes

The Twickenham Pr asics running shoes eservation District Association will hold its annual Spirit of Christmas Past Luminaries and Tour of Homes on Dec. This year, four private homes will be on the tour as well as the Weeden House Museum and the Helion Lodge.”I think it has become one of Huntsville’s most beautiful events,” said Gay Money, a longtime member of the assocition’s board of directors. The event draws about 1,000 people each year, depending on the weather. Proceeds from ticket sales help preserve the Weeden House and the district, Money said.The tour began about 35 years ago as an expansion of a small festival that was held on Franklin Street. A few homeowners on just a few streets opened their homes for tours, Money said. The tour has now expanded to include luminaries that line all of the district’s 18 streets as well as the streets of the adjacent Old Town Historic District. This year, homes on Newman Street will be on the tour for the first time, Money asics running shoes said.”People in the district have been so generous in opening their homes,” she said.Here are 10 fun things about this year’s tour:1. Nineteenth century decorations at the Weeden House, which was built in 1819. Members of the Huntsville Garden Club deck out the Federal style home each year with greenery, fruit and candles just as the Weeden family might hav asics running shoes e done.2. Carolers. You can hear Christmas songs from singers strolling along Newman and Locust avenues, where this year’s private homes are located. The event will include music from the church’s organ as well as free cider, hot chocolate and cookies.3. Bagpipes. A bagpiper will be strolling the streets adding a festive sound to the air, but he does have to stop from time to time when his legs get cold, Money said. After all, he’ll be wearing a kilt.4. The hot air balloon chandelier from Paris at the Gates LeMon home on Locust Avenue. The home also includes a modified gas chandelier salvaged from a Government Street estate in Mobile and two by two foot square slab marble floors.5. An eclectic collection of Southern art at the Wilder Castellano home on Newman Avenue.6. The salvaged architectural pieces from around the country in the Fruedenberger home on Newman Avenue.7. The Masons at the Helion Lodge. The men will be wearing their traditional garb and will be happy to explain its symbolism as well as the history of the lodge, which is the birthplace of freemasonry in Alabama. The lodge is celebrating its bicentennial this year.8. The luminaries. It’s amazing how beautiful white paper bags filled with sand and a candle can be.9. People watching. There’s a good chance you’ll see someone you’ll know or meet someone you’ll enjoy talking to while you stand in line waiting to enter the houses. If it’s a cold night, you can compare cold weather gear.10. The proximity to downtown. After you get your peek inside these beautiful homes, head to downtown to grab dinner or drinks at some of Huntsville’s best restaurants and bars. If you haven’t been downtown on a Saturday night lately, you might be surprised to see all that’s going on.Tickets to the Spirit of Christmas Past Homes Tour are $15 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets are available at each home on the tour as well as at Marie’s Hallmark, 716 Pratt Ave., Railroad Antiques, 315 Jefferson St., The Weeden House Museum, 300 Gates Ave., Rivenbark Roper Antiques, 900 Bob Wallace Ave., 181 Hartlex Antiques Interiors, Hughes Road in Madison, Harrison Brothers Hardware, 124 Southside Square.

asics running shoes Ten Reasons to Pack Duct Tape August 14, 2015

Ten Reasons to Pack Duct Tape When You Travel

Duct tap asics running shoes e is probably the most versatile synt asics running shoes asics running shoes >hetic commodity in the universe. It has been know to hold furniture together, repair bike tires and allegedly eradicate warts. Stories of odd uses for duct tape fill online forums and include the dubious “holding an alligator’s mouth shut.” For the savvy traveler, leaving home without duct tape is simply illogical. Things break and tear, and first aid often assumes emergency status. There’s no excuse to not be packing a asics running shoes roll of cheap, lightweight duct tape.

As a tent and pack repair staple, duct tape can prevent you from carrying your 50 pound pack in your arms or sleeping with mosquitoes. Pack straps, pack grommets, and tent poles and seams are the targets and are best restored with several layers of tape.

Zippers break and clasps blow out, but enough duct tape will hold any suitcase together (suggest a large roll for this activity). Pretaping your luggage will also deflect thieves to someone else’s bags.