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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Teabags for Eyes

Question: Teabags on Eyes

I heard that teabags are good for puffy eyes and dark circles under my eyes. How do I use teabags for my eyes? Which kind of teabags are best?

Answer: You can reuse tea in many ways, but perhaps the most popular way to reuse tea in the West is as a natural treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Much like cucumber slices, cooled teabags are a natural way to make an edible item into a natural beauty treatment. Here’s how to use teabags for natural skincare:

Select a tea that is high in caffeine and tannins asics gel , such as a black tea.

Steep the tea as directed. Enjoy.

Coo asics gel l the teabag in the fridge or freezer, inside a covered bowl or a sealed plastic container. If you are only using one teabag, repeat the process.

When you have two chilled teabags, you’re ready for an eye treatment. Remove the teabags from the fridge, then immediately lay back and place one teabag over each eye. (The cooler the teabags are, the asics gel more effective they will be.)

Make sure you cover the dark circles around your eyes completely with the teabags. Press them down gently to ensure that they have contact with the skin.

Keep your head tilted back and your eyes closed. (This is easier to do if you are lying down away from bright lights and distractions.) Leave the teabags on your eyes for ten minutes or more.

Repeat as desired. For best results, use teabags on your eyes at least once a week.

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