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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Teacakes for Trashbags

“Choosing a man to sit at the “head” of the table is a symbolic act that is used to convey to the family, and the world, that HE is in charge, and that we are subordinate to him. Sitting in a certain order at the table asics gel is a small “traditional” act, but it is an act that is symbolic of male domination, which is of course enacted through male violence.

It is important to notice this. We must open our eyes to the way patriarchy operates in every aspect of our lives.

Let’s remind each other that our analysis may take us to critical places we don’t want to go, but that we must go to in order to determine the truth about our lives as women, and the forces that suppress us. Ruled Over by a Male Figure (via grrl meat)(Source: loveyourrebellion, via sissypunks)

raspberryfeministbarbie asked: i know lots of people photoshop etc, it just bothers me how people do that but deny it, and they present that image as being the real them. it would be nice if people stopped editing images of people bodies, or at least did it way less because it gives such unrealistic expectations. :/

I know hun, there is a lot of misrepresentations out there and it is not only annoying but dangerous. asics gel Since coming to accept my own body as one in a million, I guess it has become easier to look at so calle asics gel d perfect asses without any jealousy or self shame. It is a long journey though and it starts with acknowledging that you are just as beautiful as the cellulite free ladies that keep popping up on your dash, in fact you ar asics gel e fucking sexy, cellulite, stretch marks and all : )

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