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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Tech bags

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But when I walk into a clients office, I usually just have my phone, keys, my iPad and a stealthy flash drive bracelet (looks like a live strong band). I have a bin in the trunk with extra cables, toolkit, etc, if I really need it. I have a “tech bag”, but honestly it doesn have a ton of stuff in it: a multi tool, a multi tipped screwdriver, network cable, pair of gloves, flash drives, business cards, pens, and some power adapters for the phone/ipad. Since I female I throw this all into a “stylish” laptop bag, so if I do bring it in it looks like a purse. I only bring it in if I feel the job is going to require a tool or something.

My boss once said to me he stopped carrying a tech bag and the way he was treated by cli asics gel ents changed. Having a big bulky bag full of tools can giv asics gel e the perception of a laborer or a “repair man”. Walking in with not much more than your brain and walking out, problem solved, can do a lot to change that perception.

I have a pro and con to being a female, means I can get away with the “tech purse” and maybe avoid this perception, but sometimes have to deal with the whole “the girl doesn know as much as the guy” type stuff.

This is exactly the strategy to go for. Just because you are in IT doesn mean you can also be professional. Look at each item in your back and ask yourself how often you actually use it. Tune your bag to your daily asics gel work and keep the rest in the trunk of your car (assuming you use a car to get from client to client). A leatherman is an extremely flexible tool that takes up minimal space in a bag, but can get most quick jobs done well.

I bring a professional messenger style bag in with just the essentials. USB drives, laptop, iPad, leatherman, ethernet cable, power adapter, business cards, a few zip ties (not a whole pack), velcro tape, miniature screwdriver set, and a USB to serial adapter. Spare cables, punch down tools, crimpers, full screwdriver and drill, spare drives, spare mousepads, packs of zip ties, etc are all kept in an organized bin in the back of my car. I can pull this bin into my office and refill it as needed each Monday.

I remember reading about a survey regarding medical patients perceptio asics gel ns of their doctors based on the way they dressed. A lab coat had a profound influence on the results. I feel like the tool bag can have results in our own field.

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