asics gel Tech stocks slump hits Wall St

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Tech stocks slump hits Wall Street
asics gel
Speith ends surprising streak at Players ChampionshipJordan Spieth’s remarkable scoring streak finally came to an end on Sunday, but the .Sherwood pulls fan from the stands to act as managerTim Sherwood surr asics gel endered his last five minutes in charge of Spurs this season to .Off the boil Laois do enough to win over CarlowLaois 1 22 Carlow 0 14 Laois gradually imposed thems asics gel elves on Carlow to record their .05/04/2014 10:17:55Back to Business HomeA slump in Internet and other technology stocks pulled the broader US stock market lower yesterday.Traders turned on the same companies they flocked to earlier this year. Google, Netflix and other pillars of the Internet economy took a beating.It was a bad day in an otherwise decent week. The Standard Poor’s 500 index ended the week slightly higher.Mixed signals in the government’s monthly jobs report gave investors little direction yesterday.The government said that US employers added more workers to their payrolls last month, but the overall report presented a mixed picture, and the unemployment rate remained at 6.7%.The stock market crept higher to start, began losing steam at lunchtime and then turned lower in the afternoon.The jobs report was not the culprit, said Uri Landesman, president of the hedge fund Platinum Management.It was asics gel probably the “momentum” traders, he said, people who chased high flying stocks and are having a change of heart.

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