asics running shoes Temperatures reach record lows

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Temperatures reach record lows twice this weekend

Homeless shelters in Edmonton have been ready for the deep freeze that gripped the city during the weekend.

Kelsey Strachan, spokesperson for the H asics running shoes ope Mission, said there has been an increase of 80 peop asics running shoes le using the overnight shelter in the pas asics running shoes t three weeks.

prepared for that and we do have room to accommodate up to 200 men and women plus 70 youth, Strachan said. know that this happens in winter time and we prepared for it. the frigid temperatures, the shelter is not at capacity, Strachan said.

Edmonton was the second coldest place in the country twice this weekend once on Friday and once early Sunday morning, said Environment Canada forecaster John McIntyre.

On Friday, the air temperature was 29.6C, second only to Eureka, Nunavut, he said.

was the second coldest place in Canada to Eureka, which is way the hell up in Ellesmere Island, the high arctic, where it normally very cold, he said.

McIntyre said, while looking up temperatures. got Eureka beat this time. that tem asics running shoes perature, flesh can freeze in five to 10 minutes.

Saturday low was a smidgen warmer at 28.5C.

When temperatures dip, the Hope Mission deploys its ministry van to distribute sleeping bags, warm socks and hygiene projects.

Laura Fedoriw, communications specialist with the Mustard Seed, said coffee drop ins increase and there is a greater need for long underwear and heavy coats.

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