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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Tempest in a Chinese tea pot

for four years wrote an email to Mike Beamish of the Vancouver Sun. With the re match on the horizon, the folks at the Sun decided to publish Jimenez email to Beamish in the paper today. While the wisdom of sharing a private communication from a player is debatable and I like to say here that I like and respect Beamish a great deal there nothing journalistic wrong with the decision.

But that actually not my point. My point is that Jimienez email is one of the best “screw you” tomes I read in some time: it well written, funny, snide and historically accurate (as far as I can tell.)

Here it is, in its entirety.

Good afternoon Mike,

1989, hundreds of Chinese students staged a pro democracy sit in in Tiananmen Square in Bejing, China. As one expression of their protest, they constructed a statue resembling the American Statute asics running shoes of Liberty. The Communist government ordered the students to leave. They refused. As a result, a thousand students were killed and many more students and dissidents arrested that night and in ensuing months. reaction to the Chinese crackdown, many in the United States called for the imposition of economic sanctions against the Chinese. The focus of these efforts was on revoking China most favored nation (MFN) status. Essentially, MFN status limits tariffs on a country exports to the United States to a standard, low level; without MFN status, a country exports to the United States are less competitive, and that country international trade will be adversely affected. I draw your attention to this historical point to make my own. In the past few days, your substandard writing and opinion of me has flirted precariously near the precipice of vilification and libel. Tread carefully invoking my name to peddle your smut. Can West wou as asics running shoes ics running shoes ld undoubtedly frown upon a libel suit considering the economic dire straits they face. While I am impervious to my name being used for target practice in the wake of the Ticats 35 31 win over my former team, your opinions and writing of my legal cut block against Brent Johnson should not have been taken out of context the way you did. Your disarmed and beguiling approach has always served you well in seeking out the angle in which you chose to characterize players in the CFL, particularly with the BC Lions. It should come as no surprise that this very same approach cost you VIP status in the trip to Winnipeg with the Lions for the Grey Cup in 2006. that I am no longer apart of the left coast spin apparatus, have no compunction in pulling your most favored journalist status in much the same way that the US should pulled MFN status against the Chinese in 1989. I have instructed the Ticats public relations department asics running shoes that you will no longer have access to interview me. Future dealings with me will result in you having to use second hand sources. The of your treachery and my silence, but I will welcome with open arms a lawsuit against you should you so choose to continue to mis characterize me again in the future. Jason Jimnez

I always loved the way Jason plays on the edge. His writing skills also bristle with the same passion, that make him one of the most feared offensive lineman in the league.

I would never want him to change his style, the eloquence in print, or the grit on field. This would invariably take away from his overall effectiveness.

The flip side to every equasion states, you have to keep in good with your coaches, and teammates. Funny, but I remember saying something very similiar shortly after Angelo Mosca was ripped to shreds by the Vancouver press, over a well documented hit on BC star Willie Flemming. Thats another debate on another day.

At the end of this day, I rather have Jason Jimenez on my team, than not. In that same vein, I hope he continues to feel the same.

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