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Ten Amazing Ways to Recycle and Reuse Them

After making yourself a refreshing cup of tea, don’t toss out the used tea bag. That tiny bundle of tea leaves has some amazing uses around the house that will save you money and be kind to our planet at the same time. Save a few used tea bags and put them to the test with these ten amazing ways to recyc asics running shoes le and reuse used tea bags. Cleaning With Used Tea Bags

Sauting a few vegetables is easy, cleaning the saut pan, not so much. Instead of scrubbing the saut pan, fill the pan with hot water and toss in two used tea bags and allow to soak over night. The tannins in the tea will lift the cooked on food particles and a quick rinse is all that will be needed in the morning for a sparkling clean pan.

Run out of glass cleaner and the bathroom mirrors are covered with toothpaste spatters? Grab a still moist, used tea bag and rub it all over the mirror, then wipe mirror clean with a dry, lint free cloth. The tea’s tannic acid gently breaks down the grime on mirrors (or glass doors) without the use of chemical glass cleaner.

Stop Foul Odors With Used Tea Bags

Has forgotten food or the catch of the day left your cooler with a foul odor? Deoderize the cooler by placing three damp tea bags in the cooler, shut the lid tightly and allow to set overnight. As the used tea bags dry overnight, they will absorb the odor causing moisture in the cooler. Remove the tea bags the following day and wash cooler with warm, soapy water and it will be smelling fresh and clean.

Stop foot odor in it’s tracks with used tea bags. Stop the foul odor of sweaty, stinky feet by soaking feet in tea. Place five used tea bags in a cup of boiling water and let them steep for ten minutes. Fill a basin large enough to soak feet in with lukewarm water, then pour the cup of tea into the basin. Soak feet for 30 minutes in the tea, massaging feet with used tea bags during the soak. Do not rinse feet and allow them to air dry at the end of the 30 minute soak. Tea’s tannic acid kills odor causing bacteria and dries out pores to prevent feet from sweating. Soak feet as often as needed in tea.

Recycle Used Tea Bags for Health and Beauty Aids

Stop the bleeding from a minor cut with a damp, used tea bag. Apply the tea bag to the minor cut and hold for 30 seconds. The tannic acid in the tea soothes the pain and promotes clotting to stop bleeding.

Remove facial redness fast with a used tea bag. Dab a moist tea bag on facial areas that are red. Do not rinse tea off. The caffeine in the tea cause blood vessels to constrict and pull away from skin’s surface, changing a red, blotchy face into a even toned complexion.

Reduce eye puffiness with two used tea bags. Close eyes and place a damp, used tea bag over each eye lid, leave on for 20 minutes. The tann asics running shoes ins in the tea contain an anti inflammatory that will seep into pores around eyes and reduce fluid buildup, which is the cause of puffiness and dark circles under eyes.

Soothe sunburn pain with used tea bags. Place damp tea bags on sunburned area and let sit for 15 minutes. The tea’s tannins act like an astringent to reduce painful swelling of sunburn.

Miscellaneous Recycling Uses For Used Tea Bags

Want to make a new photo asics running shoes look vintage? Rub a saturated (but not dripping wet) used tea bag across a photo using a straight back and forth motion. Allow photo to air dry and it will have a brownish overcast color that will make it look v asics running shoes intage.

Used tea bags give roses a snack and a boost of moisture. Place four used tea bags just under the soil around the base of a rose bush. The tea bags will retain moisture for the rose bush and as the bag leaves decompose, they will add nutrients to the soil. You can recycle used tea bags for houseplants like this too. Georgia. View profile

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