asics running shoes Ten cents won’t buy NSW an ant

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Ten cents won’t buy NSW an anti

If you pick up a child’s towel from the bathroom floor each time they shower, there will be a disregarded towel casually strewn in their wake every morning. Cleaning up after them might be a quick fix solution to an untidy bathroom, but it doesn’t change the careless and messy child’s behaviour.

It’s the same with littering. It’s demoralising, unhealthy and an environmental disgrace. It’s a no brainer th asics running shoes at asics running shoes people shouldn’t do it. Following progress that came in leaps and bounds since recycling bins became a regular sight on Sydney streets in the 1980s and 1990s, trends are now lagging in terms of improvements in littering behaviour.

Passing the littering buck on to community groups, or kids looking to make some extra pocket money, upon whom falls the burden of picking up after litterers in public spaces.

Picking up the slack and picking up the last of the unsightly cigarette asics running shoes butts, discarded paper and plastic detritus that make up over 50 per asics running shoes cent of the litter stream requires behaviour change on a national societal scale to shift littering habits.

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