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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Ten great ways to save money in the new year

Charge one dollar every single time you break a New Year’s resolution. Make sure everyone in the house makes one promise not to yell at the TV during a football game, not to forget to put away the lau asics running shoes ndry. Put that money toward a goal.

No. 5: Go to your kids and ask them how to save money.

It’s OK to be upfront with older children, if your take home pay was cut by 50 per cent and you now have to buy your own health insurance, said the Florida father of three, ages 17, 13 and 11.

Children can be part of the solution, he said, noting teens need to work as well, even if only doing odd jobs for pay.

Back in the summer, my 14 year old son t asics running shoes old me to stop buying him T shirts and hoodies. I had gotten into a bad habit of frequently picking up something cool and cheap. Nice, but he had too much. It’s been an easy way to save $5 or $10 here and there.

No, not really offshore. But why not bank far from home? If you choose a financial institution that is a hike to get to, it could be difficult to empty that account, said Dorothy Barrick, financial counsellor and group manager for GreenPath Debt Solutions, a national non profit credit counsellor. Of course, just pulling out a debit card from that bank would defeat the purpose.

The odd thought here: Don’t just work for your money; work hard to avoid spending it, too.

More ways to ring in savings in the new year:

Take time to return cans for deposit money.

Switch up your morning drink. If you usually buy a pricey coffee, opt for a less expensive tea. Reuse that fancy tea bag one or two more times, too.

Don’t be afraid to do something that seems too totally weird to save money recycle scrap metal that’s cluttering up your garage.

Dig up an old, low cost family recipe, maybe for something like corn fritters. It won’t be as good or as cheap as when Mom made it, but it will be less expensive than drive thru.

Fix something. When a bac asics running shoes kpack rips during the school season, sew it or use some du asics running shoes ct tape.

Substitute. My friend Joel cut back on his beer budget by opting to freeze cider for the year. Take a weekend trip, instead of a week. Buy fun socks instead of shoes.

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