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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Ten hilarious but obscure Reddit communi asics running shoes ties you should see

It is a community. Dragontale

SMALL communities in real life can be weird at times, but small communities on the Internet don have things like reality or reputation to worry about.

No matter how provincial or tightly focused local news comments can get, you never match these Reddit communities for super specific and head shakingly strange pursuits.

Please take note, some of these sites may include strong, adult language and are not appropriate for Children or regular churchgoers.

Some of the more elaborate posts feature grilled cheese sandwiches out of corn cakes or a risque students who grilled cheese in math class.

/r/pointlessstories Pointless but, why not

From the guy who has no proof that he predicted Django Unchained in 2009 to someone pointing out that they didn go outside at all today, this is your place for reassuring yourself that others have lives as boring as yours.

/r/ShaqHoldingThings/ Shaquille O holding things

The friendly giant of the NBA will occasionally use his hands to grip thi asics running shoes ngs. He will then, we are assured, be those said things.

This is a community of people who have proof that this actually happens, despite what the media tells you. Don be one of the sheeple, man, it true, the government just covers it up.

You need to stop using the word sheeple, its code for taking me seriously /r/birdswitharms Birds that have arms on them, simple

Shooting naked pictures of green food is one thing, but a community of 63,842 people dedicate their time to putting arms, human arms, onto birds.

There a particularly rare photo of hawks and even a discussion on a potential amendment to the US constitution giving the right to bird arms, or arm birds, or something.

You never lived till you seen a pigeon pummel the daylights out of an entire city.

/r/clockworkporn The need for interlocking mechanisms

While some may say it a shame tha asics running shoes t the word has been usurped by the word I honestly don think these asics running shoes people care.

While it fun to imagine teenage boys sniggering secretly over their discovered stash of dad Rolex catalogues, it even more fun to imagine the LNP trying to ban pictures of timing mechanisms to the children

Pay particular attention to the foldouts.

/r/whowillbuildtheroads Who will build the roads?

While our bitter and lonely commenters argue over rates money going to garbage collection versus being given back because me, me in the US they call it libertarianism versus socialism.

It the same thing, but the standout argument of all time is the “who will pay for the roads” question. Should users pay or should everyone pitch in?

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