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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Ten Items You Need

Frequent travelers develop a system, figuring out what travel accessories they always want to have along on their trips. Sometimes the little things can make a big difference! After countless miles traveling around the world, I’ve found a number of accessories that make my trips easier, smoother, safer, and more comfortable.

1) Travel Steamer. No matter how you pack, wrinkles happen. When you want to look your best, a travel steamer can fix the situation, quickly removing stubborn, packed in wrinkles without harming fabrics. A good travel specific model such as Travelon will minimize the space and weight it asics running shoes takes in your luggage.

2) Travel Alarm Clock with Photos. Hotel alarm clocks and wake up calls aren’t always reliable. When you need to meet a schedule, the safe thing to do is to take your own travel alarm clock with you. And why not get one that’s double purpose, also acting as a digital photo album? The ingenious Travel Alarm Clock/Photo Viewer displays up to 60 digital photos and allows you to scroll through them manually or watch a rotating slide show.

3) Security Purse. Losing your wallet or passport to a thief is a good way to dampen your vacation! A travel purse specially designed to keep your precious belongings secure can give you added peace of mind on a trip. Security features may include slash proof cables in the strap, wire mesh reinforced panels, and locking zipper pulls.

4) Compact Toiletry Kit. Having a good travel toiletry kit can make your trip so much easier. A good design is compact, well organized, versatile, and of course spill proof, so that you don’t wind up with shampoo all over your clothes! Another feature that’s very useful is a hook so that you can hang it in the bathroom when counter space is limited.

5) Lightweight Day Pack. Dayp asics running shoes acks are perfect if you’ll be out for an extended period, whether you’re hiking up a mountain, strolling through a vineyard, or shopping in town. They let you carry an extra layer of clothing (or shed one, as the case may be), along with water, guide book, camera, or of course all the shopping goodies and do it all hands free! Look for a lightweight model that won’t weight you down.

6) Collapsible Cup. Don’t trust the hotel glasses! A recent TV expose was downright scary, showing the disgusting, unsanitary way some well known hotels handled the glassware. Suffice it to say, it’s safer to bring your own. Get a collapsible cup that folds easily in your luggage, and you’ll never need to worry about where those hotel glasses have been.

7) Miniature Flashlight. Always carry a flashlight. It’s a safe thing to have, in case of power outages, fire alarms, or just ending up on a dark street at night. It’s also useful if you want to read in bed without disturbing your roommate. A miniature flashlight fits on your key chain, takes almost no space or weight, and is an all around good thing to have.

8) Plastic Travel Containers. Your home shampoo bottles won’t make it through airport security any more, and the perfect answer is asics running shoes a set of plastic travel bottles. A Pack It Custom Travel Bottle Set meets airport carry on regulations, and best of all, the entire set fits neatly into a clear, quart size zip top pouch for fast security checks.

9) Security Daypack. A daypack is great if you’re going to be out walking for the day, and need to carry things like an extra jacket, snacks or lunch, water bottle, or souvenirs you buy along the way. If you’re going to be in the city instead of out on the trails, a security model gives added peace of mind. My favorite is the TourSafe Backpack, which has interior pockets to keep things organized, and security features to keep them safe.

10) Portable Luggage Scale. Airlines seem to keep raising their fees, and overweight bags can get expensive. They’re pretty picky about it now too, and being just a pound over the weight limit can mean either additional charges, or repacking your luggage in the middle of the airport floor. A lightweight portable luggage scale lets you check your bags at the hotel, so you don’t get a nasty s asics running shoes urprise at the airport.

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