asics running shoes Ten Presents for Bookworms

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Ten Presents for Bookworms

In that spirit, Cultist presents a series of holiday gift guides for the cultured snobs on your list. Read on, buy things, and thank us later. With gifts.

Reading is the bomb. The best way to escape the misery of everyday life is by drowning in the misery of other people’s everyday lives through a great book. Seriously. It’s better than yoga, pot, or sex.

Maybe you yourself are not a giant literary nerd (neanderthal), but you definitely have someone in your life who lives and breathes books. In a world where books are increasingly more for show on shelves than reading, it’s important to encourage consumption of the written word.

The bookworms you love usually have a asics running shoes ll the books they need, but they don’t always have all the book accessories necessary to encourage delightful rea asics running shoes ding experiences. Let’s take a look at some presents fit for a lit nerd. However, if your friend asics running shoes is actually a junkie, steer clear of this bad boy. asics running shoes Pick one up on .

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