asics running shoes Ten Reasons to Pack Duct Tape

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Ten Reasons to Pack Duct Tape When You Travel

Duct tap asics running shoes e is probably the most versatile synt asics running shoes asics running shoes >hetic commodity in the universe. It has been know to hold furniture together, repair bike tires and allegedly eradicate warts. Stories of odd uses for duct tape fill online forums and include the dubious “holding an alligator’s mouth shut.” For the savvy traveler, leaving home without duct tape is simply illogical. Things break and tear, and first aid often assumes emergency status. There’s no excuse to not be packing a asics running shoes roll of cheap, lightweight duct tape.

As a tent and pack repair staple, duct tape can prevent you from carrying your 50 pound pack in your arms or sleeping with mosquitoes. Pack straps, pack grommets, and tent poles and seams are the targets and are best restored with several layers of tape.

Zippers break and clasps blow out, but enough duct tape will hold any suitcase together (suggest a large roll for this activity). Pretaping your luggage will also deflect thieves to someone else’s bags.

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