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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Technology and Fashion

The Fashion Institute of Technology, known as FIT to the fashion industry, is internationally recognized as an institution for specialized learning in fashion, art, design, an asics running d business. The campus is located in New York City just ten blocks from the bustle of the fashion garment district. On the campus site, is the FIT museum is open through out the year to the public free of charge.

Currently, the museum has two exhibits, one of them focusing on technology and is fittingly titled “Fashion and Technology”.

Photography is never permitted; therefore a picture will have to be illustrated with words. As you walk in to the dark exhibit, you step up to iPads with var asics running ious fashion news, blog lists, and pictures asics running of designer creations. A large screen is in front of you showing a fashion show incorporating holograms of models bursting in front of you. You are surrounded by technology and fashion, seeing that the two so easily go together. As you continue, you are taken to the past before the first chain stitch sewing machine was created in 1857. You are shown beautiful dresses, coats, fabrics, bags, and shoes in their respected time. The creation of rubber and elastic is introduced, thus making girdles and shoes more flexible and comfortable. The invention of the first plastic zipper is created in 1913, replacing hook and eyes and eliminating hours of dressing and undressing. Moving forward, clothing made of synthetic fabrics is displayed showing the advancements in the industry. Lycra, Nylon, and Polyester are all fabrics we wear everyday, but the technology and intelligence to create fabric with special properties is monumental for fashion. Now designers are placing lights, batteries, and sensors into the fibers of the fabric.

The few things listed above only tap on the surfac asics running e of how technology and fashion go hand in hand. I overheard a tour guide enthusiastically state that ” the history of fashion IS the history of technology”. As the world advances and innovation thrives, the fashion industry will grow and benefit. Not only can technology in fashion create beautiful exciting fashion, it can protect and enhance lives. Clothing and shoes protect us and cover us, they show our personality and character, and they flatter and conceal the body to inspire confidence and peace with in one self.

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