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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Teen killing part of mass murder plot

TROIS RIVIERES, Que. Two teen boys accused of murdering two sisters and one of the girl’s boyfriends h asics running ad planned even more murders, the Crown said Wednesday.

The 17 year old boys were each arraigned Wednesday on three counts of first degree murder as well as conspiracy charges. The pair is also charged with plotting to kill the girls’ mother as well as police officers.

Raphaelle Boisvert and her boyfriend Jessy Chevalier, both 17, and Raphaelle’s sister Roxanne, 22, were shot and killed Tuesday morning in the sisters’ family home in this city about 90 minutes northeast of Montreal.

A source told QMI Agency that Roxanne called 911 from inside the home to report gunshots. She was gunned down minutes later.

A source told QMI the sound of gunshots can be heard during the 911 call, which is considered a key piece of evidence.

Some friends said one of the defendants had a crush on Raphaelle and was angry at her boyfriend.

One of the defendants’ Facebook pages is peppered with gory and violent images.

There’s a crime sce asics running ne photo showing a disemboweled body, and a cartoon series depicting a man who plunges an axe into his own head. Another cartoon shows a boy stabbed in his sleep, while yet another drawing depicts a gruesome rendering of the Last Supper with disciples and ghoulish creatures eating a man who looks like Jesus Christ.

There are also several quotes about death on the defendant’s page. A Jan. 12 post read: “I’ll kill you before me,” and named his alleged co defendant.

Another posting read: “Give me your hand and I’ll take you into the world of the dead.”

Some of the Facebook photos showed asics running him hunting with an adult. Posters to both defendants’ pages have deluged the teens with hateful asics running comments since Tuesday.

Sources also revealed details about the minutes that led up to the killings.

The shooters arrived by bus from a neighborhood across town with hunting weapons in their bags.

When the killers realized police were on their way, they broke an upper window and lay in wait, planning to shoot and kill the officers, the source said.

But instead they decided to stash their weapons and try to escape. Police then arrived and arrested two suspects without incident.

“She had just bought her prom dress,” said a friend of Raphaelle’s. “She didn’t want to show it to us to keep us surprised. Now we know that it will never happen.”

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