asics running Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Teen Mom 2 Recap of Season 2

We still recovering from Leah emotional episode. By which we mean we currently working our way through a Big Mac.

Leah and Corey relationship has been crumbling since they walked down the aisle, but nothing could prepare us for this week revelation!

Let set the scene: Corey comes home from work and tells Leah that he heard a nasty rumor about her she cheated on him before their wedding. This can be true, can it? Believe it, fan girls!

As Corey bawls his eyes out underneath his baseball hat (Augh! Baseball hats! Camo! Wedding vests! Memories!), Leah admits that she slept with her ex boyfriend, Robbie, just a week before saying do.

Despite wanting forgiveness, a tearful Leah moves into her mom house to give Corey some time to think. Meanwhile, Corey heads to his dad and admits that he going to file for divorce.

Leah hears about Corey plans through text message, and after a few tears she gets her head in the game: Time to secure custody of her twins.

She heads to her lawyer office to beat Corey to the punch, and files for divorce after just six mont asics running hs of marriage. Excuse us while we take a moment to sob .

Hmmm. This week, sparks were flying!

Jo is less than satisfied about the time he spends with Isaac, so he decides to cash in on his weekday visits with Kailyn. Surprisingly, Kail is asics running down with this scheme despite Jordan reservations, so Jo heads over to the apartment for their first hang sesh . at which point Kail accidentally drops the L bomb. Let the eye sexing begin!

The next week, Jo heads over to Kail to give Baby Isaac a bath (adorable mo hawk alert!), and after hanging out as a cute little family for a few hours, Jo tells Kailyn that he dropping his child support appeal!

It looks like Jo sweet gesture is quite the turn on for his baby mama, and she asks him to spend the night. Bow chicka wow wow, ladies but how will Jordan feel about this?

You guys, Jenelle no regular pot head. Sure, some gals (Miley Cyrus) can smoke the occasional toke and get on with their lives, but Jenelle is a straight up addict.

The problem? Smoking pot is illegal, unhealthy, and will land our girl Jenelle in the clink.

Poor Jenelley. Not only does she spent most of this episode in a psychedelic tie dye hoodie (the horror!), she and her asics running mom aren getting along.

To make matters worse, Jenelle isn allowed to see Kieffer in person so she breaks up with him over the phone. His reaction? feel you. knows how serious her predicament is, so after a pep talk with her mom, she heads to her lawyer office and learns about an inpatient rehab center in Malibu, California. Way to get back on your feet and tan at the same time, girl! Chelsea would be proud.

Before packing up her bags and leaving, Jenelle and her mom have a heart to heart about her future, and poor Babs gets teary eyed.

Sigh, it times like these that we ask ourselves WWBD? (What Would Barbara Do?)

Last wee asics running k, Chelsea broke out her independent women, threw a tie dye party, and raised over $500 for charity so yeah girlfriend is flying high.

Now that Chelsea kicked Adam to the curb, she all about bettering herself by taking the GED. To top it off, she gets paid and is able to write her pops a check for rent. But forget that, all we care about is the fact that Chelsea checks are leopard print. Ah mazing!

Unfortunately, Adam kills Chelsea Miss Independent buzz when he calls up wanting to see Aubree. Too little, too late, buddy. After a verbally abusive phone call in the Year Round Brown parking lot, Chelsea decides not to trust Adam with Aubs, and then gets her head back in the game.

Chelsea tries to distract herself from Adam by taking her first practice test for the GED and she passes with flying colors! First stop graduating highschool, next stop beauty school!

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