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Teen Wolf Recap of the Season 2 Finale

Chris, Scott, and Isaac have arrived at creepy warehouse, which is apparently halfway between the hospital and the Hale house. Derek comes a loping in, and Mr. Argent assured the alpha he here for Jackson, not him. Derek is not amused.

Peter peers around the corner, watching. While Scott still wants to save Jackson, Derek says they past that because Gerard is controlling the kanima now. The truth is too real for Chris, who says, father wouldn let a rabid dog live. And with that, Gerard enters, agreeing the kanima is off dead. When Derek attempts to claw Jackson, the lizard sticks the werewolf instead.

Gerard applauds Scott effort to save his friend, and Allison shoots an arrow into Isaac. Needless to say, Scott is appalled at his lady behavior. Everyone gets ready to fight, and the kanima loops its tail around Chris gun. Derek bares his fangs; Scott turns, and so does Isaac. The odds are asics running three werewolves against one kanima. Oh, plus Allison, who stabs knives into Isaac. She about to deliver the killing blow.

Suddenly, the kanima grabs her. yet, sweetheart, says Gerard, and it unclear if he means Jackson or Allison. It turns out Scott has known for awhile thanks to his cancer sniffing powers that Gerard is dying. Only turning into a werewolf will save him.

it comes to survival, I kill my own son, Gerard tells Chris, revealing that he happy to have he kanima squeeze the life out of Allison if Scott doesn help. The werewolf transforms back into a human and manhandles Derek toward Gerard. The alpha tries to reason with Scott, but as Gramps points out, there competing with young love.

Scott force feeds Gerard arm to Derek. The old man raises his arm in triumph. By the power of Greyskull, something isn right. did you do? growls Gerard. had a plan, too, says Scott. He switched the hunter pills with some laced with mountain ash. What does that do to a not quite werewolf?
asics running
Well, Gerard starts to bleed blood from orifices and a fountain of black vomit spews. He won be coming back from that, right?

didn you tell me? huffs Derek. might be an alpha, but you not mine, sasses Scott. Talk about this later, bros. There still a kanima with a death grip on Allison.

Oh, and Gerard is hanging on. he shouts. them all.

A car crashes into the warehouse, and Allison elbows the kanima. Jackson jumps on the car, and Stiles screams. Lydia jumps out, shouting Then she gives him a key.

There a flashback to Lydia and Jackson making out and him giving her a key to his house so they could make sexy time whenever she wanted.

Back in the present, Jackson face starts to change. He holds the key in his still creepy claw. Don kiss until he fully transformed, girl!

Derek asics running struggles to get up. Peter is still there, waiting in the shadows. Jackson looks sadly at Derek, who claws him. Jackson chokes and starts to fall to the ground. Lydia grabs her boyfriend, who is still kind of scaly.

you still? Jackson asks. do; I do still love you, Lydia replies. The key drops. Allison and Scott hold hands.

While Lydia is still grieving, everyone else gets over Jackson death pretty quickly. (Except maybe Stiles?) Oops, Jackson is still alive. He has claws and bright blue eyes. The crew kind of looks confused, but Lydia throws herself into his arm the minute Jackson is human again.

Allison is sorry for everything she did and wants to break up with Scott. He cool with it. can wait, he says, because they fated. no such thing as fate, Allison tells him. no such thing as werewolves, he counters. They kiss for the last time ever. Or at least, this season.

Scott leaves, and Chris enters. Allison needs her daddy.

In the woods, Erica and Boyd find themselves surrounded by a menacing bunch of werewolves.

The vet follows a trail of dripping black blood. The guidance counselor is glad he isn retired.

It turns out Derek has been holding out on Isaac, but there no disguising the mysterious symbol carved into the door of the Hale house. The alphas are coming, Derek tells his beta. It the reason the alpha has been building up his back. not coming, Peter corrects. already here.

Despite all the shizz that went down, Scott and Stiles need to stay in lacrosse ready shape. They head to the field to practice and talk about girls. Scott is certain Allison will come back to him, while Stiles says he on track to make Lydia fall in love with him in the next 15 years. (Maybe giving her a key to your house will knock a year or two off that projection, dude.)

Scott realizes he come full circle. Though he a werewolf now, he has no lacrosse, no popularity, and no girlfriend. He still has Stiles, though, and that enough for now.

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Peter finds his laptop under the Hales stairs, because that is this century filing system. Argents aren the only one keep records, says the tech savvy ghost type thing. Then Mrs. McCall phones Scott, because it looks like Jackson is covered in some sort of hard plastic wrap and his claws are showing. Let hope the medical examiner doesn show in the next ten minutes, because that would be awkward.

A sad Stiles lies on his bed. There a knock on the door, and It Lydia. After a few moments, he finally invites her in. won let me see him, says Lydia. supposed to give him something. He kept asking for it back.

At the morgue, Scott and Isaac are baffled by Jackson condition. When the kanima starts to growl and show his unsightly teeth, Scott be asics running gs his mom to zip the body bag back up. Why don you zip, Scott? You the one who can heal.

In his basement, Chris Argent tells the werewolf prisoners that he knows the right amount of electricity to keep them immobilized. Then he opines about the line between the natural and the supernatural and when they blur. Then he fiddles with the dials.

Lydia finds all the gifts Stiles didn give her for her birthday, which seems to make her realize just how much he likes her. Then Scott texts Stiles for the 18th time, and Lydia, who been holding his phone, says it important.

Mythbusters Peter and Derek are Googling on the resurrected guy laptop for casing made from venom. Jackson is starting to move, they learn from Scott phone call. Through their research, Peter realizes Jackson has been living in the kanima beta shape and is about to transform into something bigger, badder, and more winged. An animation of the new creature convinces them to meet Scott and Isaac halfway so they won have to deal with a screeching, gigantic gargoyle alone.

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