asics tax holiday on school supplies

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

tax holiday on school supplies starts Friday

Parents shopping for school supplies and clothes for their children will get a break starting Friday as the state waives the sales tax on dozens of items. The holiday runs through next Sunday.

For three days, retailers will not charge the 5 percent sales tax on school supplies valued under $20 and clothes and shoes under $100.

Tax holidays are popular with both shoppers and store owners the Virginia Department of Taxation estimates that consumers will save about $4 million during the three days.

About 15 states have tax holidays. Virginia also has tax holidays for Energy Star products and hurricane preparedness.

Shoppers purchasing non school related items could get a break as well. A provision in the law allows retailers to absorb the tax on all sales if they choose. Several local and national retailers have said they would absorb the tax d asics uring the weekend.

As students count down the days unt asics il school starts, parents are beginning to count the dollars they will have to spend on the pencils, notebooks, asics sneakers, jeans and other gear their children ne asics ed or want for their return to the classroom.

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