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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Taxpayers left holding the plastic bag

When approached Tuesday to chat about the plastic bag ban monster he created, Councillor David Shiner gave a world weary sigh and contended it was week news. for one, I left for a seminar in Vancouver shortly after council vote last Wednesday evening and was not able to write about an issue that has been a particular pet peeve of mine until now.

But I got a message for Shiner and the coterie of 23 other councillors who voted on the fly for this ridiculous plastic bag prohibition: All of you are just lucky the next election is more than two years away because you might just find yourselves for your idiocy.

I not sure what Shiner was thinking that day to make him decide to rouse himself out of his usual, dare I say lazy, slumber to suggest a ban in six short months one that will have an impact on retailers, the plastics indus asics try and consumers and could lead to a legal challenge.

But I guarantee you that many of the leftist votes were made as yet another way to spite Mayor Rob Ford, who was trying to respond to public sentiment that the six cent bag fee five cents, plus HST had outlived its useful shelf life.

Councillor Shelley Carroll, who called the mayor in her June 12 blog for trying to get rid of the six cent fee (which will actually happen July 1), also claimed that Shiner motivation for the ban was his anger with retailers for not providing (equally environmentally unfriendly) alternatives.

ban in Toronto actually creates one of the largest markets for a return to the manufacturing of paper bags in North America, she writes.

(All I can say is it too bad there not a tax on old bags who actually think they are bright enough to be the next mayor.)

Still, it wasn at all surprising that 24 mostly left of centre councillors opted to socially engineer our bag behaviour in the guise of doing something for the environment.

Mind you, considering that plastic bags represent less than 1% of what is sent to landfill, are completely recyclable and are used by every household (including mine) to line our green bins, pick up our asics dog poop and collect other garbage, surely they have bigger fish to fry.

Rather than mandating a six cent tax on plastic bags, councillors would have been far better off tackling the obscene styrofoam and hard plastic packaging that comes with many household electronic and other products, including all kinds of meats and takeout food.

But the surprise vote really shows, among other things, the hypocrisy of the left who would be shrieking with their usual self righteous indignation if, heaven forbid, a councillor tried to introduce something as drastic they didn support without any due diligence or consultation first.

the left would be supportive of this and others took leave of their senses, says deputy mayor Doug Holyday. was irresponsible to go through this without looking into the ramifications, legally or environmentally. kidding. What about the impact of their ban on consumers, retailers and the plastics industry?

How far does it go? Will it also cover plastic bags provided for our veggies, fruit and meat?

Will we be expected to th asics row our garbage into our green bins and gray bins loose once we run out of plastic bags? I can just imagine what the garbage guys and gals will think of that. Or does Shiner think we should all line our green bins with paper?

Speaking of paper, will retailers who have not provided asics a paper alternative up to now and have forced us to buy one of their trendy, designer bags Loblaws, Shopper Drug Mart and Winners come to mind be mandated to offer paper once the ban comes into effect? What if they don What if they do and charge for the paper alternative, too?

Will this cause more customers who don want to purchase these trendy bags that are a haven for contaminants to show up at grocery stores with suitcases and huge gym bags to carry their groceries. Believe me, I seen it.

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