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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Tea Bags on Eyes and Other Useful Uses for Used Teabags

We drink tea and the tendency is to throw away the tea bag or tea leaves. Apparently, there are other uses for these used tea bags and tea leaves and I decided to test them out.

Here are the outcome of my findings as well as my verdict on its usefulness and effectiveness.

Tea Bags on EyesTea bags for your beauty regime; this sounds interesting especially for puffy eyes and I occasionally have them. I tried and it worked but only for a short while. If you use it once a week on a regular basis AND have a good night sleep you will notice better results.

So, if you feel tired, have dark circle or puffy eyes, and want to try the used tea bag treatment, follow these steps:

Green and Black Teas are the Best Tea for Eye Treatment

You obviously need two tea bags for both eyes so the next time you drink tea with a friend; put aside those two tea bags for your eye treatment. The best tea bags to use are those with lots of caffeine and tannins and it will be either the green or the black teas. As tea is also rich in antioxidan asics trainers ts, it will also soothe the skin.

Once the tea bags are cool but still damp; place the tea bag over each puffy skin under your eye. Warm tea bags w asics trainers ill make your puffiness worse therefore make sure the tea bags are cool. Leave it for about 15 to 20 mi asics trainers nutes. You will soon see some noticeable improvement to that puffy eye look.

If you intent to use the tea bags later then place it a container and put it in the fridge until you need it.

Tannins will Shrink the Skin Tissues

How does it work? Teas contain tannins, which have the ability to shrink living tissues including human skin. Therefore, when you put the used tea bag over the puffy eye, the tannin will shrink and tighten the skin.

Good for Sunburn

For this same reason, used tea bags are also useful for the treatments of burns, sunburn, bee stings and rashes.

This is a cheap and simple remedy and you get to recycle your tea bags!

Unlike other tannins in other fruits such as pomegranate, there is no tannic acid in tea tannins. The tannins will help tenderize the meat and the tea flavor will add the sweetness and savory taste to your meat dishes especially on barbecued meat.

We tried and we all agreed that the beef taste better, but it does not seem to work on chicken and mutton. The instruction says to place a small uncovered bowl of used green tea bags in the fridge and leave it for three days. This will absorb unwanted smell from fish, stale food or other strong flavored food such as curry. We tried and it worked. The only problem is it takes up space in our already crowded fridge!

Shoe Odor

Similarly, to eliminate offensive odor from shoes, you can stuff a handful of dried used tea bags into old socks and tie up the openings to form sealed bundles. Place them deep within the shoes and leave for a few days. I tried on my son’s running shoes and there are no more offensive odors. Now we place used tealeaves in the shoe cabinet as well.

Foot Odor

Likewise, if you soak your feet in a solution of strong tea, your foot odor problem will be gone!

Carpet Odor

By sprinkling used dried tea over carpet and leaving it for at least 15 minutes asics trainers before you vacuum it, will help reduce the smells in your carpet.

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