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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Tea Coffee Co

An amazing selection of loose and packaged teas. I usually shyed away from loose teas as I prefer the convenience of the bags. McNulty got me to change my mind. After spending a good 45 minutes browsing over their tea selection I decided on two different teas to take home. A 1/4 of their finest black: Golden Monkey and a 1/4 of my favorite combo: Chocolate mint.

Say what you will about other places, but McNulty Specialty Teas and Coffee, at 109 Christopher Street in New York City is as close to a real time machine as one can get. As for tea, they got the whole city beat by a mile. That when this lovely gentleman nearly literally took me by the hand and showed us around the store. He then asked specifics. How court asics trainers eous that when I inquired about Peppermint tea the sales clerk warned that there was Oo asics trainers long mixed in and that it contained caffeine. This marked the beginning of a wonderful relationship. I told him that caffeine was one of the few vices I allow myself any longer and if it there, so be it. My first bought! Upon hearing that he became even more passionate about his product. We asked about a fine Earl Grey; they insinuate the bergamot oil themselves, into the finest Oo asics trainers long. My second At this point I realized that I have enough tea for a Texas debutantes society Sunday afternoon soiree, so I slowed down.

Pros: The place for all things brewed!I was introduced to McNulty in the early 70s when I married and moved from the Midwest to the NY Metropolitan area. My in laws are native New Yorkers and they brewed great coffee, which was dubbed Real McCoy. Our family moved away from the area years ago, but whenever we are in the McNulty is on the list of places to s asics trainers hop. Over the decades, the staff has always been professional, ready to pour, weigh, package and, if necessary, grind the beans of your choice.

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