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Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

tea cozy IV

This cat tea cozy is a great gift to make for cat lovers who also like tea. ==Supplies:==

Quilted flannel fabricButtonsSewing machinePinsChalkPink flannelPink felt or yarn for mouthHeart shape button for noseThe Body:

Make 2. Loosely measure your teapots width and add at least 3 inches. Loosely measure the height of the teapot and add 2 inches. Using chalk draw a semicircle on the inside of the fabric. Place a few pins around the semi asics trainers circle to hold the fabric in place. About an inch out from the chalk line cut around the semi circle. Make a hem at the bottom end of the semi circle and set aside.

The Ears:

Cut two triangles out of the quilted fabric about a half an inch bigger than you want your cat’s ears. Cut triangles out of the pink flannel the size you would like the inside asics trainers of the ear to be, about a half an inch smaller than the quilted fabric. Place the pin asics trainers k flannel on top of the quilted fabric, pin and sew in place.

Now separate asics trainers the two of the layers of the quilted fabric from the back piece of the fabric and cut the two layers off. Turn your fabric inside out and sew around the semi circle.

Turn your fabric right side out and your ears should be secured in place.

The Face:

With my buttons I took a permanent marker and drew on the pupils. Place the buttons where you want your eyes and sew in place. Place your heart shaped button in place for the nose and sew down.

Cut the felt thinly into the shape of a mouth. I chose to only glue down the stem coming down from the nose so I could play with the shape of the mouth making the cat sad, happy or disgruntled. You could also choose to to glue the whole piece in place.

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