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Tea February 2013

As an Irishwoman living in the United States, I am frequently subjected to the stereotypical jokes about the Irish and their love of alcohol but rarely do I hear about our love of tea, the other beverage. I think it asics trainers is fair to say that a cup of tea in Ireland has been the panacea for all that ails you since as far back as I can remember.

When we purchased our first house here in Texas, we had various contractors come through our doors to make the necessary repairs. I would offer them a cup of tea. Some declined politely. One man could not help but ask the question, “Why are you offering me tea in a cup?”. “What other way should I serve it?”, I asked. “In a glass” was the reply. Of course, I had moved to Dallas, Texas, where the only tea that people drank back then (and even now to be truthful) was iced tea.

I grew up in Cork City, and my mum would put on the kettle to make a ‘cuppa’ for anyone who visited our home, whether they be guests or contractors. I sat for countless hours as a teenager with my friends drinking tea, planning our weekends, talking about the boys we liked and who was going out with who !

Tea became popular in 1901 and that was when James J Barry opened his first store on ‘Bridge Street, Cork’. Today Barry’s tea is still based in Cork and remains in the family. The red box beckons you from the shelf inviting you to enjoy a golden moment. When I first moved to London, I brought my tea with me. My sister now lives in London and packing the distinctive red box is a must in our home. You just can’t leave Cork without it. Before my cooking classes begin, I have now fine tuned my ritual. The kettle is boiled, the tea pot prepared, milk poured and cups and saucers laid out. Once seated, I invite everyone to enjoy a cup. My preference is to drink tea from a china cup or china mug. It just tastes better to me. The asics trainers reaction is lovely for it is one of warmth and imme asics trainers diately puts people at their ease.

Do you take time out to sit, relax, read a book and enjoy a cup of tea? If not, you should try it. It soothes the soul and relaxes the mind. I also use cold tea when baking my tea loaf. This is a great way of using up any remaining from your teapot.

When you bake this loaf, enjoy the aroma in your home, take time to sip on a nice hot cup of tea, slice the loaf and spread with Irish . This should be your moment. Everyone should have their moment but as Barry’s tea says, “Every Day should have it’s golden moments”

4 tbls melted Kerrygold unsaltedPrepare a 1lb loaf pan by greasing with a little , then line with parchm asics trainers ent paper.

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