asics trainers Tea party candidate selling Ob

Posted by asicstrainers - August 14, 2015

Tea party candidate selling Obama

Texas Republican Senate candidate Steve Stockman has nowhere near the millions of dollars hi asics trainers s GOP asics trainers opponent Sen. John Cornyn has, but the tea party congressman has a novel fundraising plo asics trainers y: selling Obama “barf bags.”

Stockman unveiled the bags Tuesday on his website alongs asics trainers ide a letter that touts the candidate as a “proud, principled conservative Tea Party Republican” who has spent “the last few years defeating liberals by helping train and launch the Tea Party.”

“If I win this race, you and I will be able to spend decades repealing Obama radical bills, unseating Obama radical appointees and ripping out Obama radical regulations,” Stockman writes in his campaign letter. “Obama socialism is too dangerous to send timid backstabbers to the Senate.”

The tea party congressman, who announced he would challenge Cornyn in next March GOP Senate primary, has gained a reputation for his extreme tweetsthat have contributed to the growing narrative around the right wing trouble attracking women voters.

Although Stockman campaign has only just begun, his campaign is seen as a long shot: in a private Republican led poll, Stockman trailed Cornyn by 44 points.

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