asics running shoes Ten reader responses to travel August 14, 2015

Ten reader responses to travellers and demonstrators in Brighton and Hove From The Argus

AS CO ORDINATOR and chair of the Friends Of Withdean Park, I would like to express my dismay at travellers returning again for the third time in two weeks.

I have been in touch with city councillors and many residents have done the same.

One morning recently, travellers were parked at the top of the park across the main path down from Woodland Way, and also down at the London Road end across the access path.

When they moved on last week, rubbish was left as usual and the bushes had been used as a toilet.

I am sure most council tax payers will, in turn, agree with me we don’t want more disruption, illegal camping in public places, and rubbish left by irresponsible people.

We don’t want the extra expense of policing more demos and clearing up illegal travellers’ sites.

I wonder how many voters will regret voting Green when they see how much extra this will cost?

The Green councillors would be better off spending more on cleaning up the city instead of making it worse. After all, I thought that was what being Green was all about.

John Dace, Cleveland Road, Brighton

I READ with amazement your report (The Argus, May 31) in which Councillor B asics running shoes en Duncan expressed the Green Party’s views of

prospective street demonstrations by suggesting activists and followers would be welcome in the city.

Nevertheless, when I also learned that Coun Duncan was a participant of demonstrations including those of the notorious Smash EDO, his views are understandable.

He refers to having attended events where there has been an air of intimidation and puts it down to certain sections of protesters and a heavy police presence.

A poor asics running shoes excuse when, as has been reported in The Argus, the organisers refuse to give any details of their activity in advance to the police so that adequate law and order can be maintained.

This policy of the Green Party is worrying no mention has been made of the disruption to public transpor asics running shoes t that these events cause.

If asics running shoes Coun Duncan were in my shoes, at 89 and unsteady on my feet, he might think differently.

Meanwhile, a little consideration would not go amiss.

Ken Chambers, Whippingham Road, Brighton

SO, GREEN councillor Ben Duncan thinks everyone should have a right no, make that a “duty” to protest as it suits them.

With that in mind, I think I will launch a personal protest that involves not paying my council tax until the campsite at Old Steine is cleared away and the plethora of rent a mob protest marches,

peopled mainly by those coming from outside of Brighton and Hove, are gone from the city’s streets.

Coun Duncan and his fellow Green councillors who made no mention of this free for all in their manifesto should heed the fact they were elected to serve the people and the good of the city of

Brighton and Hove.

Making the city a no go area for citizens who wish to go about their business undisturbed will ultimately drive people to seek alternative destinations. This could have a detrimental effect on the

city’s economy an economy I would like to think these councillors pledge to support.

David Cole, Queens Park Road, Brighton

WHILE I respect the right to peaceful demonstration, the increasing size of the camp at the Old Steine is robbing citizens of Brighton and Hove of one of the green sites in the city in which to

asics running shoes Ten Proven Tips to buy the Bes August 14, 2015

Ten Proven Tips to buy the Best Meat Available

As you look through the meat section at your local grocery store you are probably like so many others asking yourself if the steaks you have chosen is really good meat. Here are some tips on how to make sure you buy good meat.

The quality grade does not necessarily mean that you will be getting good asics running shoes meat. Some cuts of meat are just naturally mor asics running shoes e tender than others. You should look for cuts from the less used muscles along the back such as the rib and loin sections. The shoulder, flank and leg asics running shoes cuts will be tougher. How to make sure you buy good meat

As you look through the meat section at your local grocery store you are probably like so many others asking yourself if the steaks you have chosen is really good meat. Some cuts of meat are just naturally more tender than others. You should look for cuts from the less used muscles along the back such as the rib and loin sections. The shoulder, flank and leg cuts will be tougher.

The USDA beef quality grade is like this prime, choice, select, standard, commercial, utility, cutter and canner. The best beef that you can find is of course prime, but this is very hard to find and does come with a large price tag. Most of the beef that you find at your local grocery will be choice, select or standard. Standard is usually sold as un graded or as “brand name” meat

Roast and steaks should be firm. Do not purchase soft or squishy feeling roast or steaks no matter the type of meat. Check the sale by date and no buy after that date. You should buy the meat either before or on the day that is the sell by date .

Check the packaging for any type of damage. The meat should be cold and wrapped securely.

The package should not contain any moisture. This could mean that the temperature of the meat has been above 40 degrees and that will cause the taste of your meat to be less quality.

Look for beef that is bright red in color and has thin creamy white fat evenly distributed throughout the roast or steak. On the other hand, veal should not be bright red; it should be almost white in color or lightly pink. Before you buy any meat find out if it has been injected with flavorings. You do not want to purchase any meat that has been injected with flavorings, this can cause your meat to break down and become mushy.

Do your own tenderizing. Do not buy meat that has been tenderized by the butcher. He uses piercing products that allows the natural flavor and juices to escape from your meat and this will be produce a tough and un flavorful meal. Try to purchase dry aged if at all possible. This type of meat will probably only be found at a butcher shop. Dry aging is a process where the meat is taken from the bag that it arrives in to the butcher and is hung in a cooler for a certain amount of time to dry out. This will make the cost go up, but the aging adds more flavor and also tenderizes the meat. If you buy your steak from the local grocery, the steak has been cut, wrapped in plastic and has aged on the way to the store.

When in doubt, talk with your butcher. He can answer all your questions regarding the different types of meat, cuts and may even have some g asics running shoes reat recipes for you to try.

asics running shoes Ten Presents for Bookworms August 14, 2015

Ten Presents for Bookworms

In that spirit, Cultist presents a series of holiday gift guides for the cultured snobs on your list. Read on, buy things, and thank us later. With gifts.

Reading is the bomb. The best way to escape the misery of everyday life is by drowning in the misery of other people’s everyday lives through a great book. Seriously. It’s better than yoga, pot, or sex.

Maybe you yourself are not a giant literary nerd (neanderthal), but you definitely have someone in your life who lives and breathes books. In a world where books are increasingly more for show on shelves than reading, it’s important to encourage consumption of the written word.

The bookworms you love usually have a asics running shoes ll the books they need, but they don’t always have all the book accessories necessary to encourage delightful rea asics running shoes ding experiences. Let’s take a look at some presents fit for a lit nerd. However, if your friend asics running shoes is actually a junkie, steer clear of this bad boy. asics running shoes Pick one up on .