asics running shoes Ten Easy Organizing TipsOr August 14, 2015

Ten Easy Organizing Tips

Organizing your life and creating habits doesn’t have to be a major overhaul, it can be simple steps that you perform everyday that can make a difference. Here are a few of my favorites that help to make my life easier:

1. Every time you fill your car up with gas, take the time to empty the trash out of your car and use the trash container beside the gas pump.

2. Every room needs to have a waste basket and this includes the master closet and even the laundry room (to throw away price tags and drycleaner bags).

3. Anything that needs to go out the door with you in the morning(stuff for the office, items to be returned, etc.) place beside the door you exit the house from or next to your purse/briefcase as a reminder.

4. Make it a habit to set your agenda for the day first thing in the morning before you do anything elsethis way you are ready to take on the day before life has a chance to interrupt! If you are more of a night person, then plan your next day the night before.

5. If you find y asics running shoes ourself avoiding a particular task, do some reflecting and have a little talk with yourself, forgive yourself for avoiding it and promise to make it a priority byscheduling it into your day.

6. Find the right planner system for youthere’s a plethora of planners available so if the first one doesn’t work for you, don’t let yourself believe you aren’t capable of using one, try tweaking it to make it work for you or find one that does.

7. Keep the passwords and usernames for your online accounts in an address book list alphabetically by account name with the web site address.

8. When you travel, use Ziploc bags for your electronics. Label the bag with the name of the adaptor, etc. so that when you pack for the return the empty bag will serve as a reminder to retrieve the adaptor.

9. The end of the season is a good time to weed out any clothes that you did not wear or did not particularly care for. Also, take an inventory of what item of clothing is missing from your incoming season asics running shoes wardrobe and make a list so that you can shop smartly.

10. Use a turntable (Lazy Susan) in your cabinet to store your medicine on and mini baskets to store loose boxy items.

Another strategy that I use for myself and my ADHD clients, is to try and be more aware/cons asics running shoes cience of your actions through self talk. Catch yourself not completing a task and talk to yourself about asics running shoes what is going on in your mind to cause you to not follow through. It’s sometimes fun and interesting to learn what our real reasons might be for not completing certain tasks. It helps to better understand yourself and to learn how you function and what to avoid the next time.

asics running shoes Ten charged with drug and weap August 14, 2015

Ten charged with drug and weapons offences in motorcycle gang investigation

Items on display that were seized by police after an ALERT organized crime investigation involving the Hells Angels in Edmonton on Thursday Feb.

“Unfortunately, this is not going to stop very much,” Insp. Darcy Strang, the officer in charge of the special police enforcement unit that ran the investigation, told the media Thursday.

“There is a lot more where this comes from and we have a lot more work to do,” said Strang as he stood beside a table of items police seized in searches last week, including a rifle, body armour vests, evidence bags of cash and bags of drugs.

The investigation started more than three months ago, launched by Edmonton’s Combined Forces and Special Enforcement Unit, a team that’s investigating outlaw motorcycle gangs across northern Alberta.

The unit is part of Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), made up of about 400 municipal police officers, RCMP officers and sheriffs, established in 2006 to fight serious and organized crime such as gangs, drug trafficking and child exploitation across Alberta.

“Back in 2009, we had three OMG (outlaw motorcycle gang) clubs in Alberta,” Strang said. “We now have 23 OMGs in Alberta, therefore, they’ve grown exponentially . Because they’ve grown so much, we’ve had to take a look at them seriously and determine what caused the growth and what a asics running shoes ctivity they’re involved in.”

The Hells Angels are the most active outlaw motorcycle gang in the Edmonton area, police said. The club has approximately 360 members across Alberta, a number that remains fairly stable, Strang said.

Officers with search warrants were investig asics running shoes ating cocaine trafficking in Edmonton when they simultaneously raided four homes on Jan. 30, two in south Edmonton, one in north Edmonton and one in St. Albert, police said.

Officers seized two rifles, a loaded 40 calibre Glock handgun with ammunition and other gun parts, four body armour vests, a working police scanner, a Hells Angels motorcycle club vest that contained illegal drugs in a hidden pocket, 12 ounces of cocaine, oxycodone pills and drug trafficking materials, two fake driver’s licences, $25,000 cash and two vehicles, police said.

“All of these are evidence that these groups take their business very asics running shoes , very seriously, and they’re a threat to public safety,” Strang said. “In addition, the front door of one of the target’s residences was barricaded and a surveillance camera was set up to view the front street.”

Police laid 39 charges against 10 people.

Hells Angels member Blake Christie, 32, was the focus of the investigation that started in October. Christie was arrested at a north Edmonton home where police seized a loaded handgun with a defaced serial number, Strang said.

Christie is in custody and faces 11 charges, including possessing a loaded prohibited firearm and other weapons charges, possessing body armour, possessing drugs and possessing identity documents.

Nine more people face another 28 charges, police said in a news release. Kelly Kratky, 29, Denise Measor, 26, and Melvin Kratky, 26, are all charged with possessing body armour and drugs; Paula House, 39, is charged with possessing a firearm; Zanah Palani, 23, Hiwa Palani, 26, and Tamara Clarke, 28, are all charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Police have issued arrest warrants for Terri Huebner, 31, and Kendra Christie, 33, for six charges each related to the investigation, the news release said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppe asics running shoes rs.

Police continue to investigate and might lay more charges, they said. Paul shootings: ‘It’s like he took a bullet for me’ VideoFather Gerard Gauthier carried his own pain into Sunday mass where he began the healing in this shocked and saddened parish. The loss of a popular young.

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asics running shoes Ten cents won’t buy NSW an ant August 14, 2015

Ten cents won’t buy NSW an anti

If you pick up a child’s towel from the bathroom floor each time they shower, there will be a disregarded towel casually strewn in their wake every morning. Cleaning up after them might be a quick fix solution to an untidy bathroom, but it doesn’t change the careless and messy child’s behaviour.

It’s the same with littering. It’s demoralising, unhealthy and an environmental disgrace. It’s a no brainer th asics running shoes at asics running shoes people shouldn’t do it. Following progress that came in leaps and bounds since recycling bins became a regular sight on Sydney streets in the 1980s and 1990s, trends are now lagging in terms of improvements in littering behaviour.

Passing the littering buck on to community groups, or kids looking to make some extra pocket money, upon whom falls the burden of picking up after litterers in public spaces.

Picking up the slack and picking up the last of the unsightly cigarette asics running shoes butts, discarded paper and plastic detritus that make up over 50 per asics running shoes cent of the litter stream requires behaviour change on a national societal scale to shift littering habits.